and Development

The R+D activities are part of our key strategy. Currently we focus on developing products, systems and integrated technology platforms, guiding them to meet the unsatisfied needs of the industry and the improvement of existing production processes.

We are currently developing:

Traceability System of all internal processes occurring in a company, to give individualized follow up to each material that is used in the processes of construction or manufacture taking into account aspects such as materials handling, raw materials, results of laboratory tests, suppliers information, equipment used for manufacturing, and design. To achieve this, the software integrates with specific hardware that allows you to record in-place changes in the construction or manufacturing activities.

With this system, the user has the ability to rebuild the history, travel or application of all materials used in the product identifying:

• Source of components.

• History of the processes applied to the product.

• Distribution and localization upon delivery.

Industrial Tablets design and manufacture of industrial tablets with advanced composite materials for survey of data by inspectors, technicians and engineers. They are waterproof, dustproof and shock resistance.

Quality Assurance Management System

Automation of document management using international standards by implementing security policies that ensures the reliability and confidentiality of sensitive information.