The engineers at DELTA3 have an extensive professional experience working in multidisciplinary teams for major Infrastructure, Industrial plants, Aeronautical and Space, Automotive and high-tech products and projects of leading companies, plus a deep academic training in disciplines like Mechanical, Aerospace and Industrial Design.

Based on our experience in production processes and daily training of our professionals, we offer the following:

• Creation and management of project information and products from start to finish.

• Product development services from concept to working prototype and integrated manufacturing documentation management.

• Project development services from basic engineering to installation, through detailed engineering, integrating concurrent engineering tools and software of different nature.

• Review of various engineering disciplines such as Industrial Equipment, Mechanical Equipment, Piping, Civil Engineering, Process Engineering, Manufacturing and Assembly

• Computer Aided Engineering (CAE): structural and mechanical analysis using analytical tools by finite element method (FEM); and fluid dynamic analysis using computational fluid dynamics tools (CFD).

• Creation of virtual and physical user, training, maintenance and repair manuals.